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Intellectual Property (Patents) Paralegal

Valipat is an incredibly fast growing, highly entrepreneurial enterprise that has added 30 people to their team in the last 2 years (50+ people in January 2014).  They conduct circa 15-16000 European patent validations per year, provide PCT national/regional phase entries and a power of attorney form generation service.  Given the fast growth phase that Valipat is in, roles are not fully defined so there is considerable flexibility to develop a niche for oneself, gain additional responsibilities and/or management opportunities as your position with the company develops.

As Valipat services tend to be structured albeit customisable to suit the needs of each individual client, their paralegal team enjoy a huge amount of variety in their day-to-day workload and are experienced problem solvers and relationship managers. 

Ideal candidates will have considerable experience in the intellectual property sector with ideally but not necessarily, knowledge of the PCT process. 

The responsibilities of the position may include:    

  • Coordinating all aspects of present and future PCT national/regional phase entries in a high volume, deadline-driven environment
  • Providing instructions to foreign associates, assembling and transmitting all required documents
  • Strengthening and optimising operational relations with foreign associates
  • Monitoring and tracking PCT national/regional phase entries deadlines and ensuring that all deadlines are met in a timely and backed-up manner
  • Working on the development of the online platform together with the IT team and Patent Attorneys of Valipat
  • Ensuring that professional standards are maintained throughout the Paralegals’ Team
  • Suggesting ways of improving working practices
  • Drafting, updating and implementing procedures
  • Contributing to a professional and constructive atmosphere in the team and dealing withclients’ requests, either in person, in writing or by telephone
  • Conducting legal oriented research (especially with the help of Valipat’s network of Associates and Patent Offices throughout the world) and organising the information gathered

Valipat operate an English speaking office and an English speaking service so other languages are not required, they have a wide range of nationalities currently working for them and will consider offering relocation/sponsorship for suitable candidates.

For more information on Valipat see: or read an interview with Valipat Chief Executive Officer, Patrice Durand. 

Salary: Excellent
Location: Brussels

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For more information or to apply for this role please contact Pete Fellows on +44 20 7903 5019 or email


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